Senior Theater Camp (GR 5-12) July 15-26
Advanced Theater Camp (GR 10-12) July 15-26
Junior Theater Camp (GR 3-5) Aug 5-9
Performance Theater Camp (GR 7-12) Aug 5-17

Taught by theater professionals offering professional standards and insights, Broadway Theater Workshops Summer Theater Camp appeals to everyone from experienced performers (wanting intensive theater training), to those with little or no experience. Our theater programs are distinctive, high quality, challenging, inspiring, and widely acclaimed as the premiere youth performance-training program in the area.

We are THRILLED to announce our Performance Theater Camp production:

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Thank you so much for all you did to make this summer a wonderful experience!  It is so amazing to have a place to send your child they feel safe and happy......thank you.  had such a great time she is already talking about next year!
Just wanted to again thank you and everyone associated with the Junior Camp for the last two weeks. Even though we remained land-locked in Bergen County, my son and I agreed it was the best “vacation” we’ve ever experienced.I am still in disbelief when  sang lead in his number, to see a kid who too often dwells in anxiety seize the moment and command the stage (I’m only welling up now recalling it, unlike the stream of tears that occurred during the show). But even more heartening was hearing a child he had struggled with a bit early in camp, tell him post-show, “I’m really going to miss you.” During camp we talked a lot about “not sweating the small stuff” and, with the help of you, and others, my kid finally let his guard down and opened himself to the possibility that words are just words and that the people who speak them are not all that bad. Thanks to you and BTW for “caring” for my son in the truest sense of the word and helping him grow so exponentially these last two weeks. Can’t wait for next summer.
Thank you so much for all the updates. It’s first year and she LOVES the camp. She has learned to much. This has been the best thing for her. It has taken that shy girl out of her shell.... I see so much confidence. She has met so many great kids and loves all the instructors! Thank you for offering such an amazing summer program.
Thank you for another year of sharing your stage and your hearts with .  She is blessed to have had this opportunity the past two summers. She loved all the new additions/classes available to her these past two weeks. She even made a few new friends! Watching my tall drink of water on your stage last night, I had memories of the cat eared girl that walked fearlessly into BTW and never wanted to leave.  She has grown incredibly in many ways, but as a performer I can attribute so much of her education to her BTW camp experiences.  The show is a true testament of what you’ve inspired these kids to do. Thank you for keeping it fresh, sharing your talents, passionately teaching and most of all, for your generosity to our family.

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